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Psycho-Pedagogical Services

Psycho-Pedagogical Services aim to enhance the students resources, to promote the development of study skills and to support active and conscious participation of students in university life.
SInAPSi Center offers free to all students the opportunity to receive a response to their personal and educational needs.
On end the Sevices illustrated in the brochure with all telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.
- Skills assessment;
- Consulting Psychology for University Students (CPUS);
- Team meetings and seminars about universitary choise, examination stress,  motivation, study carreer conclusion etc. (Maps and educational path); 
- Information, awareness and listening space about homophobic bullying;
- Team meetings to talk about personal university experience, for the students that have reached a delay in the acquisition of course credits or a dissatisfaction  about the ending of the exams (Learning to learn)

Between the avaiable tools a practical "survival" kit in University to guide between the offered services: