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Useful links


To learn more about difficulties and disabilities:


CNUDD - National University Conference of the Delegates to Disability: www.cnudd.it 
Autism: clinical aspects and psycho-educational interventions: http://www.erickson.it/erickson/content.do?cat_id=320&id=1789 
Persons with disabilities and their rights: www.handylex.org
Information center, documentation and orientation for the autonomy, independence and inclusion of persons with disabilities: http://www.infohandicap.org/infohandicap/index.jsp
The Integrated Contact Center for disability: www.superabile.it
National Association for Families of Persons with intellective and/or relational Disabilities: www.anffas.net
Disability news source: www.disabili.com
National Authority for the protection and assistance to the deaf: www.ens.it
International Center of the Spoken Book "A. Sernagiotto": www.libroparlato.org


Le sedi SInAPSi

Sede Legale
Via Giulio Cesare Cortese, 29
Palazzo degli Uffici - piano terra
80133 Napoli
P.IVA: 00876220633

Email: sinapsi@unina.it
PEC: sinapsi@pec.unina.it
Sito: www.sinapsi.unina.it

Sede Operativa di Monte Sant'Angelo
Via Cinthia, 26 Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant'Angelo
Edificio 1 (Centri Comuni) - piano terra
80126 Napoli

Fax: 081 676768
Email: accoglienza.sinapsi@unina.it