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Are you a future student?

This is the section that's for you!

The SInAPSi Univeristy Center makes available, to future students like you, manyservices to support you in choosing the training course and to create acustomized project based on your needs.


In this section you will find a team ofexperts to compare you to identify the solutions and the services best suitedto your needs.They will be by your side to ensure an activeparticipation in the university life!

You can contact our operators to prepare anindividualized project that suits your needs.

You can contact the successful training servicesfor a psychological consultation aimed at the university choice.

The services of the section Anti-Discrimination and culture of differences offer prospective students thepossibility of a first comparison with the themes addressed, through: -Scientific information and disseminationactions, provided through the Web platform to psychological address; www.bullismoomofobico.it - a wareness - raising actions carried out at theFederico II University offices;- Training courses;- Psychological counselling and shortpsychotherapy interventions for individuals, families and small groups.


Le sedi SInAPSi

Sede Legale
Via Giulio Cesare Cortese, 29
Palazzo degli Uffici - piano terra
80133 Napoli
P.IVA: 00876220633

Email: sinapsi@unina.it
PEC: sinapsi@pec.unina.it
Sito: www.sinapsi.unina.it

Sede Operativa di Monte Sant'Angelo
Via Cinthia, 26 Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant'Angelo
Edificio 1 (Centri Comuni) - piano terra
80126 Napoli

Fax: 081 676768
Email: accoglienza.sinapsi@unina.it