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  1. Centro di Ateneo SInAPSI - Napoli
    SInAPSi è il Centro di Ateneo per tutti gli studenti che si sentono esclusi dalla vita universitaria a causa di disabilità o difficoltà temporanee. Offre servizi e sostiene iniziative per favorire la partecipazione di tutti gli studenti alla vita universitaria. Collabora con le strutture dell'Ateneo per assicurare l'accessibilità degli ambienti.
  2. Universidad de Sevilla
    La Universidad de Sevilla es una institución que presta un servicio público de educación superior mediante el estudio, la docencia y la investigación, así como la generación.
  3. National School of Political and Administrative Studies - Bucharest
    Scoala Nationala de Studii Politice si Administrative este o institutie publica de învatamânt superior si cercetare (universitate A), cu personalitate juridica. Scoala Nationala de Studii Politice si Administrative.
  4. Aarhus University
    Verden er sammensat og kompleks. Globale udfordringer kan kun løses, hvis vi samarbejder på tværs af fagområder.
  5. National University of Ireland - Maynooth
    Following two centuries of internationally renowned scholarly activity on the Maynooth campus the National University of Ireland, Maynooth was established under the 1997 Universities Act as an autonomous member of the federal structure known as the National University of Ireland.

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National University of Ireland - Maynooth


NUIM is a liberal arts and science University. Over recent years it has expanded very rapidly with an increase of 21% between 2004/05 and 2009/10 in the total number of students, and become one of the fastest growing Universities in Ireland with students from every county and over 50 countries worldwide.

This trend is set to continue as it is the only University located in the region of most rapid population growth over the past two decades, a trend which is projected to continue over the next 20 years or more.

NUIM is the smallest of the seven universities in the Republic of Ireland when measured by the size of the student population, currently at approximately 7,900 (2009/10, mid October) and distributed over three Faculties: Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy; Science and Engineering; and Social Sciences. Approximately one quarter of the students come from non-traditional backgrounds and 10% are regarded as international students on the basis of their nationality. Approximately 1800 students are first year undergraduates. All graduate students account for 21% of the total. NUIM has a non progression rate of 13%.

NUIM, through its Strategic Plan and its Teaching and Learning Strategy, has committed itself to a range of initiatives in the areas of teaching and learning.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) was founded in September 2008. Internally, the work of the Centre is founded on collaboration with individuals and groups of colleagues in academic, support and service departments. CTL is also engaged in collaborative projects with partners across the sector (Dublin Region Higher Education Alliance, (DRHEA); the National Academy for Integration of Research and Teaching & Learning, (NAIRTL); The Education Developers in Ireland Network, (EDIN); National Digital Learning Repository, (NDLR); and the All Ireland Society for Higher Education, (AISHE).