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Pre-orientation in schools

Pre-orientation has the aim of sustaining the exploration of the expectations, needs and resources of subjects undergoing formation, to help them in the choice of occasions that can effectively respond to such expectations. It also has the objective of contributing to appropriately sustaining all walks of life in development and personal and professional growth, guaranteeing equal formative and occupational opportunities to everyone.
Such interventions are particularly useful in the case of people who - finding themselves in situations of uneasiness and disorientation - may meet greater difficulties in individuating options and opportunities to direct their formative choices toward. It is the case, for example, for many students with disabilities who, at the end of their high school education, often don't have a clear consciousness of their resources and possibilities and doubt they can access higher education.
In this prospective, it is necessary to plan specific pre-orientation interventions destined to students with disabilities who want to enroll into University (to be realized in the high schools which they attend) and to teaching aids, in an integrated view which consents the sustaining of the process of inclusion in university life beginning from high school in a systematic and coherent manner.
These interventions are tied to the core of the orientation activities created within the STS of the university that are structured as actions dedicated to the promotion of equal formative opportunities in the context of university life, increasing, for students with disabilities, levels of awareness of personal formative projects and empowerment exercises functional to their autonomous and responsible placement within contexts of higher education.
Project objectives:

  • Assisting students with disabilities during the passage between high school and university with interventions of pre-orientation, aimed at students, curricular teachers and teacher aids;
  • Increase levels of awareness of the needs and potentials of students with disabilities with the objective of sustaining participation in all university activities.


  • Information and description of formative opportunities and support centers offered by University Federico II to students with disabilities, with consideration for all situations and types of disabilities and their single needs;
  • Individuation and analysis of needs, resources and potentials of students with disabilities, in an effort to define a project of inclusion and active participation in university life aimed at a project ofv personal and professional development in a coherent, realistic and sustainable manner;
  • Activation of a psycho-pedagogic support center - for students and teacher aids - with a biweekly meeting, to address and sustain the process of transition between high school and university;
  • Production of psycho-pedagogic assistance individualized to sustain the passage between high school and university.

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