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Universi Diversi a Lavoro Project

The project "Different Worlds at Work" is sponsored by the University Centre SInAPSi, as part of its support to the working of the graduating students and graduates with disabilities at the University of Naples Federico II.



In recent years it has become clear to many companies in many countries, especially in the United States and Great Britain, that the development of the differences and encouragement of the inclusion in the workplace can make a huge opportunity and a competitive advantage for the business. The work done so far, within the University, in the area of ​​disability revealed significant requests from users regarding the coordination of studies with work. These requests are also particularly urgent given the current economic and social work. In this context, people with disabilities are likely to be fully excluded.


The main problem identified by the project concerns the link between the university and the world-work for students and graduates of University Federico II, it should encourage and value the differences and the inclusion than job placement. This could be a great opportunity for students and lead to a concrete, mutual competitive advantage for the university and the business. The institutional connection between the University and the company work, carried out by the Management diversity goes well beyond a vague commitment to ensuring equal opportunities: it is to make the establishment of a truly respectful of all differences and able to assure everyone the opportunity to realize their potential for professional growth. It is in this way that we are going to build a true meritocracy in which the success of each business is based solely on talent, ability and quality of potential job performance, and that has nothing to do with their personal characteristics such as gender, disability, age or ethnic origin.


1. To Favorite the ring and the match (matching) between students or graduates within 30 years and the world of work.
2. To sensitize companies and Agencies responsible for diversity as a resource.
3. To increase self-esteem and active participation of users.
4. To advertise job opportunities.
5. To organize an annual event concrete to be used as a space to meet both requests and offers in the world of work.
6. To collaborate SOFT-el for career guidance.
7. Orientation to work, life skills.


In the initial phase of data collection (June-October 2012) with respect to individuals, companies and agencies in the area to be involved in the project it will be produced a database to be updated regularly. Then there will begin talks with the people who require the service. Interviews will be conducted by the Coordinator-Diversity manager, appointment booking by email or phone. For advertising and communications concerning the project, priority will be given the means typically used by students, as Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Youtube, Radio University.


- Individual interviews in the seat.
- Talks home (in the user's home, hospital, etc.).
- Meetings with companies or organizations or agencies, including ministries, for the work and the use.
- Annual event bringing together supply and demand in the workplace.
- Awareness raising activities, internal and external to the University to the areas of project.
- Meetings of collaboration with SOFT-el.

Contact Information

Project Coordinator:
Dr. Carmine Rizzo
Clinical Psychologist, ICF and LIS expert

University complex of Monte Sant'Angelo Building 1 - Room SSC2 Floor 3

Phone: 081 679850


Le sedi SInAPSi

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Via Giulio Cesare Cortese, 29
Palazzo degli Uffici - piano terra
80133 Napoli
P.IVA: 00876220633

Email: sinapsi@unina.it
PEC: sinapsi@pec.unina.it
Sito: www.sinapsi.unina.it

Sede Operativa di Monte Sant'Angelo
Via Cinthia, 26 Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant'Angelo
Edificio 1 (Centri Comuni) - piano terra
80126 Napoli

Fax: 081 676768
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