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Quaderno CNOP

Best practises for autism

puzzle simbolo autismo

The national committee of psychologists provides the CNOP, a guide for a quick and effective diagnosis.

The national committee of psychologists has
faced the need of a wide spectrum of the research about autism, providing
evidence of particular interest for a full knowledge of autism spectrum disorder.

In the work team, led by professor Anna
Maria Ancona, vice president of the national committee, many professionals with
different approaches, but with proved experience on these topics, shared their
knowledge with representatives of the Ministry for the schools, universities
and research (MIUR), as schools are a fundamental step towards social

CNOP, available for all psychologists and
schools staff, includes Best Practises for Autism, it was thought as a guide for
a quick and effective diagnosis, in order to support people with autism
spectrum disorder and their families and to implement best practises in


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