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Services for the Active Inclusion and Participatory of Students

Welcome to the SInAPSi center SInAPSi is the university center for all the students who feel excluded from the university life because of disability, Specific Learning Disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthography, dyscalculia) or temporary difficulties. It provides services and supports initiatives to facilitate the participation of all the students in univerisity life. The center cooperates with Univeristy structures to ensure accesibility of environments.


Work news


SInAPSi Locations

Legal Office
Via Giulio Cesare Cortese, 29
Office Building - Ground floor
80133 Naples
P. IVA: 00876220633
Email: sinapsi@unina.it
PEC: sinapsi@pec.unina.it
Sito: www.sinapsi.unina.it

Our Contacts
Tel.: 081 679946
Fax: 081 676768
Email: accoglienza.sinapsi@unina.it