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Services for the Active and Participatory Inclusion of Students

Welcome to the SInAPSi centre! SInAPSi is the University centre for all the students who feel excluded from the university life because of disability, Specific Learning Disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dysorthography, dyscalculia) or temporary difficulties. It provides services and supports initiatives to facilitate the participation of all the students in university life. The centre cooperates with University structures to ensure accessibility of the environments.


  1. Logo Napoli Summer Universiade - Centro di Ateneo Sinapsi
    10 July 2019
    Sport and equal opportunities

    European Commission published a document containing a list of actions aimed at promoting equality for LGBTI+. The Anti-Discrimination and Culture of Differences Section of the SInAPSi University Centre, University of Naples Federico II, The Department of Movement Sciences and Wellbeing, University of Naples Parthenope, the UISP, Arcigay Antinoo Napoli, Foundation GIC have proposed a Decalogue of Best Practices to promote the Inclusion and Culture of Differences in sports contexts.

  2. Logo del Centro Sinapsi
    30 May 2019
    SInAPSi introduces: STUDENTS WITH SPECIFIC LEARNING DISORDERS: professors vademecum

    The staff of the Sinapsi Centre created an appropriate and easy to manage tool to help university professors to individuate the difficulties of students with specific learning disorders and to implement the most effective practices for their university course.

  3. 18 September 2019
    News - Collegami

  4. logo centro Sinapsi
    12 April 2019
    Tirocinio post laurea per laureati in psicologia

    Nell’ambito delle attività previste dal Punto Accoglienza della Sezione Disabilità e DSA del centro di Ateneo SInAPSi, è possibile svolgere l’attività di tirocinio post laurea richiesta alle persone laureate in psicologia.

  5. Congress Logo
    02 July 2019
    INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS: Best practices in transgender health, social policies and human rights: a comparison between Europe and Latin America. Naples, 14 and 15 november. Call for poster.

    The Scientific Committee welcomes the submission of abstracts for poster presentation at the International Congress Best practices in transgender health, social policies and human rights: a comparison between Europe and Latin America on topics of discussion and reflection.

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Le sedi SInAPSi

Sede Legale
Via Giulio Cesare Cortese, 29
Palazzo degli Uffici - piano terra
80133 Napoli
P.IVA: 00876220633

Email: sinapsi@unina.it
PEC: sinapsi@pec.unina.it
Sito: www.sinapsi.unina.it

Sede Operativa di Monte Sant'Angelo
Via Cinthia, 26 Complesso Universitario di Monte Sant'Angelo
Edificio 1 (Centri Comuni) - piano terra
80126 Napoli

Fax: 081 676768
Email: accoglienza.sinapsi@unina.it