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Linking Network to Fight Sexual and Gender Stigma

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Logo Teomesus

The Department of "TEORIE E METODI DELLE SCIENZE UMANE E SOCIALI" (TEOMESUS) is part of the University of Naples "Federico II", one of Europe's oldest and largest universities. TEOMESUS was born from the fusion of two departments: the psychology one and the statisics one, and it offers 3 and 5 year first degree courses, master's courses and Ph.D courses to more than 1,000 students.
In this case, the proponent of the project is the psychology section of the department, which has got close links to public institutions and NGOs operating in the area of Naples, having been engaged in many local projects and activities related to gender issues, domestic violence, especially related to substance abuse, and to prevention and contrast of homophobia, bullying and homophobic bullying.
Website: www.teomesus.unina.it

  1. Universidad Complutense of Madrid
  2. Le Kassandre
  3. Arcigay Napoli Antinoo
  4. Agedo Palermo
  5. University College of Dublin

Partners of the project are:



Logo Madrid

Name: Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM)
Country: Spain
Legal Status: Public Entity

Address: Facultad De Ciencias Politicas y sociologia.
Campus de Somosaguas s/n

Contact Person: Heriberto Cairo Carou

Telephone number: +34 91-394 2844/2843
Fax number: +34 91-394 2841
E-mail: hermes@cps.ucm.es; decanato@cps.ucm.es
Website: www.ucm.es


The Faculty of Political Sciences and Sociology of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid  is one of the most important space of production of social knowledge and critical reflection about old and new socio-cultural dynamics at national and international level. Among its professors and researchers we found a lot of experts, intellectuals and young researchers with political and professional career marked by theoretical and methodological innovations, a great scientific and civic commitment and the control of basic key-tools in order to face a world in continuous change. The Faculty is made up of 15 Departments and more of 25 Research Teams on several issues. Please visit http://www.ucm.es/centros/webs/fpolisoc/index.php?tp=Investigación&a=invest&d=index.php )
Hosted inside and by the Faculty, RQTR is an University Association created in 1994 to provide the Faculty with LGTB cultural activities. It is the only one of its kind in Spain: it offers conferences with outstanding speakers, represents real LGTB voice and has leaded many academic campaign against homophobia (Please visit: http://rqtr.blogspot.com/).  

Some of its researchers have been linked to large EU projects in the past, dealing with gender & violence issues, such as MAGEEQ (2003-2005) and QUING (2007-2011). The collaboration with Teomesus is based on the common interest for gender and queer studies. Some members of UCM Team has supported several times the activities of Teomesus; in particular, some member of UCM are members of the Scientific Committee for the website www.bullismoomofobico.it, to prevent and face homophobia and homophobic bullying. Some members of UCM group have played an important role in the preparation of the proposal, in particular for the sections: (1) perceived needs and constraints of the target groups; (2) Network's methodology of creation (3) the design of the Intervention's Methodology. 



Logo Kassandre

Name: Le Kassandre (LK)
Country: Italy
Legal Status: Cultural Association of scoial empowerment

Address: Via A.C. De Meis, 131, Napoli

Contact Person: Elisabetta Riccardi

Telephone number: 081-5961303
Fax: 081-5961303
E-mail: info@lekassandre.com
Website: www.lekassandre.com



"Le Kassandre" is a cultural association of social promotion working in particular in a suburb of Naples (Ponticelli). It was born from a group of women, Italian and foreign ones, linked by the attempt to combine professional commitment to social issues, especially those relating to gender, equal opportunities, and education/training. The main activities are those of promoting a gender culture through films and forums about the topics of gender identity or cultural perceptions of women, but also other specific interventions directed to women (especially in situations of abuse): reception, psychological counselling, legal assistance and job orientation.
The experiences over the years have made the group LK "expert" in training, education and interventions on issues of gender and equal opportunities, but also able to welcome and support migrant and native women in difficulty.
Collaboration with the Department of TEOMESUS is founded on the common interest for gender studies and role and structuring of identity. The association "Le Kassandre" gets its origin from the study and research carried out by some members of its during the Gender Studies' PhD that gave and goes on giving a valuable contribution to the model of association. The Doctorate in Gender Studies of the University "Federico II" has supported several times the association through advocacy for moral film review CineKassandre.
Le Kassandre has played an important role in the preparation of the proposal, and in particular for the section on Methodology of creation of the network.



Logo Arcigay

Name: Comitato Provinciale Arcigay "Antinoo" di Napoli
Country: Italy
Legal Status: Onlus

Address: Vico San Geronimo 17, Naples

Contact Person: Antonello Sannino
Telephone number: 0039-0815528815
Fax number: 0039-0815528815
E-mail: info@arcigaynapoli.org
Website: www.arcigaynapoli.org


Arcigay Antinoo in Naples is a no-profit association of social promotion. It is a voluntary association and operates with direct, spontaneous, and free contribution of its members in the sector of the guardianship of civil rights, prevention of discrimination and acceptance of marginalization, promotion of cultural and recreational activities. Therefore, ANA looks after promotion of gay, lesbians, transsexuals and transgender civil rights, contributing to increase in society a positive vision of homosexual or transsexual way of life. ANA offers the following services: Legal counter, Help Line, psychological and sanitary support; recreational groups: Young people Group, Lesbo Group, Trans Group, Parents Group. Once a year, ANA organizes awareness campaign on the Napoli territorial community about GLBT topics and organizes awareness campaign in local schools. It belongs to the local Committee of Naples on GLBT issues and promotes conferences for local community in collaboration with Universities and other GLBT Associations. ANA also collaborates in organizing National and Local Gay prides.
Collaboration with the Department of Relational Sciences is rooted in the common interest for gender and queer studies. ANA has supported several times the activities of DSR; especially for the dissemination of "Another homosexual happening", a cineforum about homosexuality, and for the website www.bullismoomofobico.it to prevent and oppose homophobia and homophobic bullying.
ANA has played an important role in the preparation of the proposal, and in particular for the section of creation of network's methodology.



Logo Agedo

Name: Agedo Palermo A.V.
Country: Italy
Legal Status: Voluntary Association

Address: Via dello Spezio 43 - 90139, Palermo

Contact Person: Francesca Marceca

Telephone number: 0039-0916112505
Fax number: 0039-0916112505

E-mail: info@agedopalermo.org  
Website: www.agedopalermo.org


Agedo Palermo an association of the southern Italy of homosexuals' parents, relatives and friends, whose mission is to provide a support for family members, educate and stimulate public opinion and advocate for GLB/transgender individuals' equal rights. The main aims of the association are to provide solidarity and help in situations affected by refuse, violence and discrimination against GLBT people within and outside family dynamics. It also provides psychological, social and legal support to GLBT people victims of indifference, injustice and discrimination. AGEDO is based on democratic principles, is a pacifist association, fighting against any kind of racism or sexism. The target population is mainly composed by LGBTQI people (primarily young people) and their family: through weekly meetings, operators try to focus on a culture of diversity and differences and try to support families. Agedo has a national seat in Milan and several regional associations spread all over Italy. Agedo Palermo is the main responsible for the activities carried on in the South of Italy, characterised by the absence of interventions for LGBTQI related social issues.
Agedo Palermo supports those parents who have just learnt about the homosexuality of their daughter or son and are in pain because they feel it's hard to understand or accept it. AP main activities focus on Culture, research and education (every year Agedo Palermo organizes in many italian cities seminars and workshops for educators, families, teachers and social workers whose main interest is the culture of diversity and overcoming homophobia mainly at school); Psychological support for GLBT people and conflict prevention and resolution within the family and outside the family;  Self-help groups with glbt people and self-help groups with parents; Counseling; Seminars for prevention and education on bullying (especially for teachers and public schools); education (books, magazines and references for research and information in GLBT studies).

Collaboration with the Department of TEOMESUS is based on the common interest for gender and queer studies. AP has supported several times the activities of TEOMESUS; in particular some members of AP are also members of the Scientific Committee of the website www.bullismoomofobico.it, to prevent and combat homophobia and homophobic bullying. AP has supported and supervised "Tra prepotenze e discriminazioni: un progetto di ricerca-intervento per la prevenzione del bullismo omofobico", a local project to prevent and combat homophobic bullying.
The AP group has played an important role in the preparation of the proposal, and in particular in the design of the Intervention Methodology at a micro-level.



Logo Dublino

Name: University College Dublin, School of Social Justice
Country: Ireland
Legal Status: University

Address: 5th Floor James Joyce Library University College Dublin Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Contact Person: Dr. Katherine O'Donnell

Telephone number: +353 1 716 7323
Fax number: +353 1 716 1107
E-mail: katherine.odonnell@ucd.ie 
Website: www.ucd.ie


UCD School of Social Justice of Dublino is a center of resarch, teaching and accademic activities. UCD is involved in "Marie Curie" project, an European Union Network on non-discrimination, and is been hosting for 18 years the International Lesbian Lives Conference and outgoing research and educational links with LGBT. Collaboration with the Department TEOMESUS is founded on the common interest for gender - queer studies and human rights. In particular UCD School of Social Justice and TEOMESUS have often shared their knowledge on these issues.
The UCD School of Social Justice group has played an important role in the preparation of the proposal, and in particular for the sections: 1. Perceived needs and constraints of the target groups in Ireland; 2. Methodology of creation of the network; 3. The design of the Intervention Methodology at a macro and micro levels.
UCD School of Social Justice will have an important role in the development of the project.