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National Civil Service


(source: www.amesci.org)

What is it?

The Civil Service has been instituted with law number 64 of March 6 2001. Today it can be considered "a period of personal growth that a young man or woman chooses by giving his\her support to the community and contributing to social, cultural and economic development of the country" (UNSC).

Civil Service is a chance for organizations as well as youngsters.
Click on the following links for information on: 
- Brief guide to the civil service
- Brief guide to how to participate to the civil service project 
- Brief guide to the rights and the duties of civil service participants



Participating to the Civil Service is a chance to gain experience and knowledge in a specific area or discipline and is a period of personal growth and learning. 
Volunteers receive a bursary of Euros 433,80. 
University credits are recognized in the areas of study or professional training. 
The year of civil service is considered in job interviews as a year of public employment. 
The competencies gained in this year enrich the c. v. and provide valid experience to succeed in the work world. 
Young people who complete the year of civil service receive a Certificate on behalf of UNSC.

Here is a video about the civil service for the Sinapsi centre.


Open positions

There are no current open positions.


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