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Staff Services

Staff Services

In order to better orient and coordinate the actions of the centre, the following Staff services are set up, pertaining to the Segretary  Management:  

-Multimedial Support: It provides technical-informational support to the activities of the Center;  

-Quality: It instructs and harmonizes self-assessment procedures, in order to prepare the annual self-assessment document required by the university and by MIUR;

-Communication: It organizes and coordinates the internal and external communication initiatives of the Centre;

-Civil service and laboratories: It takes care planning, training and management of Civil Service volunteers and laboratorists;  

-Training: It supports the design, the management, the delivery and reporting of training activities;  

-Scientific publications and Editing: it coordinates the collection, care and elaboration of the scientific contributions produced by the Centre (Acts of conferences, collections of essays, etc.).  

The establishment, modification and decommissioning of Staff services is deliberated by the steering committee.