Testata per la stampa

Advice to organizations

Through the consultancy service to organizations, the Anti-discrimination Section aims to promote processes of inclusion and supports the development of good practices aimed at equal opportunities, intercultural dialogue and the contrast of sexual stigma and gender, against genderiste, sexist, homo-transphobic discrimination, more generally to combat hate crimes, to develop a system of agreements with all institution involved in planning activities (public administrations Local authorities, ASL, police headquarters and prefecture, schools, universities and research institutes, etc.), pursuing the effect of mainstreaming required in order to promote transversally the above actions.
The aim of the service is to build and coordinate an internal network at the University, so that the contrast to discrimination takes place transversally and proceeds both from a horizontal point of view (number of Public sectors  involved: universities, educational institutions, local authorities, etc.), and vertically  (the different levels of the university institutions: students, academic staff ,etc.)


Awareness - Training - information

The activities are structured in the form of experiential workshops (cycles of 3 workshops) or theoretical-experiential seminars on the topics of gender and sexual orientation differences and discriminations.
There are also awareness-raising days and social gatherings during national and international days, dedicated to victims of violence (e.g. the day against male violence against women, the day against Homophobia and the T-Dor).


Awareness and Information Services

Information and dissemination activities are carried out mainly through the implementation and constant updating of the psychological addressed Web Platform to www.bullismoomofobico.it; the widening of the dissemination of the activities is carried out by the acquisition of Greater visibility at local and national level through the enrichment of the mailing list and the constant updating of the Facebook pages and groups; the management of the official mail of the service to welcome, support and sort the different requests of the user; the publication of a monthly newsletter.