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Successful Training

Support services for students, aimed at coping with critical and development of
skills to tackle, successfully, challenges, obstacles and difficulties of
university life


Who they turn to

To all
university students who, during the academic process, encounter difficulties of
various kinds, such as slowing down or blocking in studies, personal problems,
doubts about university choice, problems of social exclusion, difficulties in
managing Strong emotions and to recognize and enhance their resources


To the degree
courses that-at the initiative of the CDs coordinators, the department
directors or the representatives of the Department for inclusion-require a
targeted consultancy aimed at promoting the inclusion and active participation
of the students of their CDs


How they work

The services are delivered and programmed permanently and/or with a cyclic periodicity. Students can apply for them at any time of the academic year because of their needs

The consultancy to the individual courses of study can be activated, at the request of the coordinators of the CDS, the directors of department or the representatives of Department and for the inclusion

  • Individual psychological Consultation

    It consists of a cycle of four interviews with a clinical psychologist with the possibility of a follow up at a distance of time; It has the main purpose to support the student in the emotional difficulties that lives in relation to personal life or the path of studies to better deal with moments of crisis related to different evolutionary tasks.

  • Group Counselling
    "Learning to learn"

    It is a course of nine meetings on a weekly basis and provides a follow-up at a distance of about one year; It is addressed to all students who have accumulated delay in the exams and who, despite being in possession of the necessary skills to successfully deal with the university course, fail to get good results because of factors of emotional or relational nature. Counselling promotes reflection on the specific difficulties encountered and the most suitable strategies for improving performance.

  • Training Course Support

    It takes place through Community Learning meetings that consist of thematic workshops aimed at reflecting on key issues, such as the management of strong emotions, strategies and skills to study at the university, the choice and motivation to university study. The group confrontation acts as a catalyst for emotions and thoughts that revolve around the topic addressed and promotes the possibility of considering new perspectives, helping students to feel more understood and to recognize themselves in the comparison with colleagues.

  • Advice to study courses

    It is a service aimed at analyzing the How the inclusion processes work and active participation of specific departments and/or CdS. The CdS Consultancy service allows you to To plan and implement support interventions tailored to the needs of different CdS, also because of the continuous monitoring and improvement processes Required by the AVA directives. The Service can be activated at the request of the co-ordinators of the CdS, Directors of the department or the representatives of the Department for Inclusion and Carried out through a process of research intervention participated.


Come si accede

Telefonando al numero
081 2532177
inviando una e-mail all'indirizzo successo.sinapsi@unina.it

Per comunicare direttamente con gli operatori e/o accedere a specifici servizi, è possibile utilizzare i seguenti indirizzi e recapiti:

- per la Consultazione psicologica individuale: cpsu.sinapsi@unina.it (è anche possibile telefonare al numero 081 7463458 dal lunedì al venerdì dalle ore 9:00 alle ore 14:30);
- per il Counselling di gruppo "Imparare a Imparare": imparare.sinapsi@unina.it
- per il Supporto al Percorso Formativo: mapper.sinapsi@unina.it
- per la Consulenza ai Corsi di Studio: successo.sinapsi@unina.it (la richiesta può essere avanzata dal coordinatore del Cds, dal direttore di Dipartimento o del Referente di Dipartimento per l'Inclusione).

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