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Smag Group

The project is a reflection gained through clinical experience in the field of multiple sclerosis youth.
This virtual space has the objective the sharing of information, experiences and stories,
and is intended not only to young people but also to those around them .
The page created is proposed to be simple and functional for the consultation and centered on the needs and interest of users, then, the most possible interactive.
The site wants to offer to everyone who contact it an opportunity to get informations about SM, an opportunity to create a space where you can interact within other users, where you can submit news, information about events (cultural, etc.),where you can express your emotions, thoughts, fantasies.
In particular, the forum " Tra di noi " represents a stimulus for comparison, the exchange of information, ideas and emotions.
The topics are decided by you or suggested by our moderators according to their frequency.

To protect your privacy and free expression, there will be two separate areas: one for boys and another for family, friends and comrades.
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Logo image a hot air balloon

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