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SInAPSi's Toolbox


Made by Gabriella De Simone, Tiziana Liccardo, Maria Maddalena Ligozzi, Maria Luisa Martino

It has been 20 years since I started to work with disabled university students. Since then, a real challenge began: to promote inclusion of every student, no one excluded. It is a real emotion to think what we have done so far and we have done a lot. The first Commission to coordinate the activities of students with disabilities had been established in 1999. This fascinating road of inclusion had been shared with friend and collegues and we all have laid the foundation of the Center SInAPSi, born in 2009. I will not explain the acronim since it is present in the Glossary section of this site. Since then, different initiatives has been made and the SInAPSi Center had grown. In its different section, university students can find a place of acceptance. Even in its name, SInAPSi has the core mission of include everyone, without discrimination or labels.


SInAPSi has, as of today, a strong network of students and citizens who have shared the activities and the different projects of the Center thanks to institutions such as Ufficio Scolastico Regionale and Comune di Napoli. The importance of a place of acceptance and communication is also present in the logo design: a connection of neurons, a conceptual synthesis of the potential relationship between “normality” and “diversity", to overcome exclusion.Also, the logo reminds of a volcanic eruption; a welcoming sing of a force ready to destroy all the fisical and mental barriers of diversity. And that it the soul of our mission. Our projects and initiatives are growing, and now we can present a newsletter and a Service Card in which every student can find the most fitting service for his/her needs. We also have a Glossary, our personal toolbox, to spread an inclusive language with out students and partners.


Prof. Paolo Valerio