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Are you a school or a public institution?

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The section Anti-Discrimination and culture of differences foresees actions aimed at the educational organizations of every order and degree and to all its members (managers, teachers, parents, pupils, staff), to the public administrations, to the NGOs, to the Sports associations and more generally to all organizations focused on the processes of education, training and education of the individual, provided through the consultancy service to organizations.  


The services - Culture of differences

In this section, the aim is to promote inclusion processes and support the development of good practices aimed at equal opportunities, intercultural dialogue and the contrast of sexual and gender stigma, genderiste, sexist discrimination, Homo-transphobia and more generally to fight hate crimes, develop a system of agreements with different educational institutions, pursuing the effect of mainstreaming required in order to promote transversally the above actions. The proposed actions are carried out through information and training activities, as well as through projects of prevention and awareness co-built ad hoc to be dropped on the individual school realities.