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The Components of the Center

  1. The honorary President
  2. The Director
  3. The Dean’s delegate for disability and specific learning disorders
  4. The Directive Committee


The honorary President


The role ofHonorary President is assigned by the Dean to an high skilled expert, also to afigure outside of the University staff, with specific knowledge and provedexperience in the fields of actions of the center. The Dean hasnominated Prof. Paolo Valerio, who has already been the director of the centerand ordinary professor,  as the HonoraryPresident.


The Director


Nominated fromthe Dean, it’s term of office ends with the Dean’s one and could be renewed.The director is at the head of the Directive Committee and of the refereesconference.  Collaboratingwith the Directive Committee, the director coordinates the activities of theCenter, taking care of the project plans, with the aid of the sectiondirectors. The director ofthe center is Prof. Maria Francesca Freda. 


The Dean’s delegate for disability and specific learning disorders


The Dean’sdelegate for disability and specificlearning disorders is Prof. Maria Francesca Freda.



The Directive Committee


Nominated by the Dean, the Directive Committeehas, among other responsibilities, on the basis of the information relative tothe students body,  the role ofrecognizing the potential needs to attend to and, starting from this, toformulate proposals dedicated to the participation  of all students in academic and social life.
Based on D.R. n. 5397/2018, the Directive Committee is composed by:

Honorary President
Prof. Paolo VALERIO
Director of the Center, Dean’s delegate for disability and specific learning disorders, with knowledge of psycological sciences
Prof. Maria Francesca FREDA
Administrative and accounting processes Manager and verbalizing secretary
Mrs Rosaria PRESUTTO
Antidiscrimination expert
Prof. Anna Lisa AMODEO
Medical sciences expert
Prof. Carmela BRAVACCIO
Inclusion expert
Prof. Davide MAROCCO
Pedagogical sciences expert
Prof. Stefano OLIVERIO
I. T. sciences expert
 Prof. Simon Pietro ROMANO
Employment expert                  
Prof. LuigiMaria SICCA
 Technicaland administrative personnel Manager
 StudentAssembly President or its delegate
Mr. Giuseppe MARZUCCO


The Referees Conference


The Referees Conference is made up of all the Referees for active and participatory inclusion of the students, for all the departments. It has an advisory and prepositive role for the Directive Committee.
The conference meets at least once every six months, and is summoned by the Center's Director.

The Department referees for the active and  participatory inclusion of students are: