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About Collegami!

Collegami! Is a project developed by the Sinapsi Center of the University of Naples Federico II and aimed to support the communication of students with heavy mobility restrictions and with speech difficulties. Social inclusion is a fundamental feature of advanced communities and the contrast to marginalization is increasingly seen as a personal growth tool.


This project’s mission is to provide individualized tools  for students with heavy mobility restrictions and with speech difficulties, implementing innovative technologies from prototypes development experiences.


Project development

A prototype 0 already exists thanks to the contribution of S., who will be graduated soon: this technology not only assists him in the study process, but also in life outside university by the use of a computer. In the first phase the project will focus on S., after developing and validating the prototype , parametric models of the tool will be available which will be adapted to the individual anthropometric characteristics of future users. S. will personally test the developed tool in real life situations, giving feedbacks that will allow the developers to improve the prototype. The project development approach is participatory and focused on the student to avoid the risk of failure and to improve the prototype. According to the latest guidelines, the team follows the development of the tool from the first steps, individuating the possible problems and the strength points: they identify the needs of the student, both the required and the latent ones, aiming to transform them into parameters, to calculate the state of the project and to avoid the risk of failure.


About ADM

ADM is a non-profit scientific association founded in 1974, with the aim of developing and coordinating scientific education and research on drawing, technical communication, innovation and project methods and development for industrial products. The birth point of ADM was the need for a study and a continuous update of technical communication forms, both graphical and non-graphical, that the technology advancement requires. 

From 29th may the crowdfunding campaign is active at: