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Architectural Barriers Info

In 2004 the initiative "Barrier Monitoring" began, based on the spontaneous notification of barriers. It involves all citizens of the province of Naples and represents the first intervention plan of the project "Napoli 2006: Italy's most accessible city", launched by CLABARC, Committee for the Struggle to Demolish Architectural and Cultural Barriers, with the technical support from the what
was the Commission of Coordination of the Activities of Support for Students with Disabilities.
Today project SiNAPSi has given itself the ambitious objective of recording and reporting all architectonic barriers still present within the structures of the historic University of Federico II. The result will be that of offering students, operators and citizens, interactive maps of the University complexes throughout the entire region that hold architectonic barriers and suggesting more accessible paths.
To view the information on architectural barriers of the University, click on the following link: